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Business Casual Suggested
No Swimwear or Offensive Clothing

No Flash Photography - We welcome you to take photos but because we are a dark candle lit venue, we ask that you do not use a flash when taking photos for the sake of our other guests.

Parties are limited to 4 or fewer guest per reservation - Eden is a small and intimate venue. In order to provide each customer with the best ambiance and service, we must limit the party size.


No outwardly offensive or belligerent behavior - We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment (verbal or physical) of any kind.


Respect the Room - Tables and chairs cannot be pulled together. Be mindful of other patrons personal space.


Outside Food and Beverages Are Prohibited - It is against Texas law to allow outside food or beverages into an  operating bar or restaurant.


Only One Person Allowed in the Restroom At A Time - Our restroom is a small unisex, single toilet facility. For maximum comfort of each guest, one at a time please.



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